Giana Nguyen is a singer/songwriter based in Orange County, California. In 2011, she released her debut solo album, “For Now,” via ArtiSans Label featuring 6 piano-based original songs that epitomize the best of singer/songwriter acoustic pop and showcased her clear, evocative voice. Her music garnered recognition by new media makers around the world, and she was a nominee in the 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Awards for “Best Pop Song” and the 2012 All Indie Awards for “Best Pop Artist.” In 2015, she followed with two singles, “Sing” and “If We Knew Then.”

Her long awaited follow up album, “Strong Enough” will be released in 2018. This new collection of songs will feature singer/songwriter sentiments delivered through soulful pop stylings. Her writing this time around reflects the removal of rose-colored glasses through which her music was once filtered. She shares honest stories about love lost, love found, and the transformation that only takes place when love is relinquished. The heart is a multifaceted mirror, and Giana celebrates the women (and men) strong enough to bear it all, to themselves and to the world.


From acoustic sets at local coffee shops, to full band shows at the House of Blues in Hollywood, to performing the national anthem for the Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Lakers, Giana’s songwriting and vocal performances are perfectly-pitched for today’s Top 40 market. They just don’t know it yet. Come a little closer and discover this hidden gem of an artist for yourself.


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“Her voice is strong and smoky, with range that could easily win votes on American Idol…That spirit of longing and perseverance can be heard in her self-released debut album, ‘For Now.’” – David Whiting, Front Page Columnist/Editor at Large, The Orange County Register

“Catchy hooks…and piano with the voice that captivates your soul. You can’t get better than that mate.” – Jay Wellstead from The Jaycast

“I was pleasantly surprised when, courtesy of Ariel Publicity, I heard Giana’s particular ‘sound.’ Her lyrics & pure emotion emanating from a background of real-life experiences make her a joy to listen to. Giana is a special artist with a message filled with passion coming straight from her heart!” – Ed Ovett, producer & host, Ed’s Mixed Bag

“Giana is one of the most incredible vocalists I have ever had the pleasure of hearing! What makes her voice ‘soar’ is her passion. With every word, she brings emotion…not only from herself, but from her audience.” – Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, Managing Partner of C. J. Segerstrom & Sons and an owner of the South Coast Plaza