IN THE BIZ (Quotes from media/press and music/arts/entertainment biz)

“I was happy to play Giana’s “More” on Episode #71 of the JogTunes Indie Podcast. It’s a great tune and her rendition is outstanding.” – Dr. Bob – Host of The JogTunes Indie Podcast

“The first time I heard Giana’s hit ‘For Now’ I knew that I wanted to interview her on my music & travel show. She has a refreshing and easy style with songs that you find yourself humming hours later.” – Bruce Oliver, host of Cruise with Bruce Radio

“I love Giana’s spirit for life, love, peace, harmony and romance. Giana and her family’s story is a wonderful inspirational story of dedication, perseverance, faith, and hope. That no matter what one experiences in life you continue moving forward. Giana’s music embodies all these awesome qualities, her lyrics and music enhance her life’s journey thus far, as amazing. The CD “For Now” is absolutely outstanding.” – Nesheba of ESpiritE-Radio7 a division of “Essential Spirit Enterprises” a consulting company

“Catchy hooks, acoustic guitars and piano with the voice that captivates your soul. You can’t get better than that mate.” – Jay Wellstead from The Jaycast

“Giana Nguyen has the smooth pop vocals of a top 40 artist and catchy hooks that keep you coming back for more.” – Zack Daggy, Producer at The Mothpod

“When she sings, I find myself in wonderful, far-off places.” – Indie Music Sampler

“Giana’s catchy, piano-driven pop is ready for radio!” – DJ Jay-Jay, Editor, New Music USA

“I was pleasantly surprised when, courtesy of Ariel Publicity, I heard Giana’s particular ‘sound.’ Her lyrics & pure emotion eminating from a background of real-life experiences make her a joy to listen to Giana is a special artist with a message filled with passion coming straight from her heart!” – Ed Ovett, producer & host, Ed’s Mixed Bag

“Ms. Nguyen is California gold!  She can easily capture the devotion of a world audience with her clear, evocative vocals and her genuine charm.  She will soon take her place among other well-known international artists.” – Treathyl FOX, Freelance Writer, Suite101

“Giana–her voice and her music–is like an new friend that feels like an old friend. Once discovered, your reaction is, ‘where has this been all my life?'”Michael J. Filson, President, ArtiSans Label

“Giana is definitely someone to watch. Giana charmed the audience at our recent event with her amazing voice – she even had people singing along to her rendition of “Hello Vietnam”.  VAALA is pleased to support a new talent like Giana.”Ysa Le, Executive Director of VAALA (Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association)

“Her voice is strong and smoky, with range that could easily win votes on American Idol…That spirit of longing and perseverance can be heard in her self-released debut album, “For Now.”” – David Whiting, Front Page Columnist/Editor at Large, The Orange County Register

“From a CHOC employee years ago to the “leading lady” in our previous CHOC Follies original musical production of “Princess and the Prius,” no one could have sung it better than our extremely gifted Giana! We count our blessings that she will be gracing our stage again for her eighth show in the CHOC Follies 2011.  When you hear her sing, you will see what I mean!” Gloria Zigner, Creator and Producer, CHOC Follies (1997-present)

“Giana is one of the most incredible vocalist I have ever had the pleasure of hearing! What makes her voice ‘soar’ is her passion. With every word, she brings emotion…not only from herself, but from her audience. I have loved every moment working with her in the CHOC Follies.”Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, Co-Chair, CHOC Follies

“Listeners, get ready for a treat when you hear Giana’s sweet and beautiful voice.  As one of the co-chairs (and performers) of the CHOC Follies original musical productions in which Giana will be performing for her eighth year, I can say from “close-up” experience that you will be lifted spiritually when you hear what she can do with her voice.  Thank you, Giana, for sharing your talents with us and congratulations on your new album!!” – Dale Skiles, Co-Chair/Cast Member (1998-present), CHOC Follies

IN THE KNOW (Quotes from fans/listeners)

“Independently produced with ArtiSans Label, her first E.P. titled “For Now” showcases her range as a singer and songwriter with sometimes-sweet, sometimes-provocative lyrics and intriguingly fresh rhythms. In her title song, “For Now,” Giana’s lyrics radiate with the sweet hopefulness and expectations of newly discovered love. The upbeat sound of the track reflects much about her character, always one to see the world with bright and eager eyes. Another track, “Twister,” has an edgy and rocker vibe, an indication that Giana can portray the complexities of a woman’s many sides. This song is my personal favorite among all her work so far because it displays her vocal abilities and once you hear it, the song reverbs in your head for days.”Thuy V., Garden Grove, CA

“Listening to Giana is like having a nice cup of soothing tea with a good friend. Her voice has a hypnotic quality that lulls you into her passionate and emotionally infused world.”Christine N., Irvine, CA

“Giana’s stunning musicality has no boundaries.  Every poetic lyric she sings serves as an emotional bridge to the soul.”Linh T., Orange, CA

“Giana’s music not only makes me want to sing along but puts me in the moment of what her lyrics are saying. Her emotion and musicality blend together to make magic!” –  Anh B., San Diego, CA

“Giana possesses a rare and palpitating vocal presence. Her raw emotions echo through her lyrics and she is a true, and extremely talented artist.” – Nhu T., Riverside, CA


7/2/12 – Giana Nguyen featured on VNCR 106.3 FM (bi-lingual interview)

4/10/12 – Giana Nguyen featured on Bearly Rambling

2/3/12 – “More” featured on Broadjam’s Pop Top 10

1/31/12 – Giana Nguyen featured on Common Ground

1/21/12 – “More” featured on Broadjam’s Top 10 Pop-Rock

1/18/12 – “Twister” featured on Radio Crystal Blue

11/6/11 – Album review of Giana Nguyen’s “For Now” E.P. by Vernon Tart for Culture Bomb

10/23/11 – “Twister” featured on Radio Crystal Blue

10/1/11 – Giana Nguyen nominated in “Best Pop Artist” category for 2012 All Indie Music Awards

9/29/11 – “For Now” and “More” to be featured on Women of Substance Radio’s 4th Quarter Pop Shows

9/22/11 – Giana Nguyen’s cover of Tiffany’s “Could’ve Been” will be featured on Women of Substance Radio

9/20/11 – Giana Nguyen is featured as Rock Chicks Spotlight Artist

9/13/11 – “Twister” nominated in Pop category for August 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Award

8/25/11 – “For Now” featured on Green Soluna blog

8/24/11 – “For Now” added to regular rotation on Rising Star Artists radio

8/24/11 – Giana Nguyen interview on Cruise with Bruce Radio

8/21/11 – Giana Nguyen featured on video promo for Cruise with Bruce Radio

8/18/11 – Giana Nguyen featured on Looking Out For You blog

8/17/11 – Giana Nguyen is the first featured artist on a new music blog: Brandy’s “Bohm” Music Reviews’s

8/12/11 – “Just For This Moment” played on Royalty Free Music Radio UK

8/12/11 – “For Now” added to Internet radio’s library

8/8/11 – “For Now”, “Just For This Moment,” “More,” & “Twister” featured on DJ Lucy Radio Show

8/7/11 – “For Now” featured on Mully Radio

8/5/11 – “Firefly” added to Indie Music Sampler’s playlist

8/5/11 – “More” featured on WLSO.FM’s Longtown Sound weekend edition

7/28/11 – “For Now” added to React Radio’s playlist

7/27/11 – “Just For This Moment” featured on WLSO.FM’s Longtown Sound 1140

7/24/11 – “More” featured on The JogTunes Episode #71

7/21/11 – “For Now” added to Radio Paradise’s regular rotation

7/21/11 – “Twister” BRCFP Radio’s playlist

7/20/11 – “For Now” featured on WLSO.FM’s Longtown Sound 1136

7/19/11 – Giana Nguyen featured as “Artist of the Day” on Cyber PR’s tumblr

7/12/11 – Giana Nguyen featured on Such Cool Stuff: Celebrating Indie Artists

6/30/11 – “More” is featured as the #1 song on UNregular Radio’s “National Top 5’s” of the week

6/30/11 – “For Now” and “More” featured on Women of Substance Radio’s “Pop Show” from July 5th thru Sept 30th

6/29/11 – Giana Nguyen featured on ESpiritE Radio7

6/29/11 – “Twister” featured on Women of Substance Radio’s “Spotlight on Great Songs” from July 5th thru September 30th

6/27/11 – Giana Nguyen added as featured artist on XMR radio

6/26/11 – “More” featured on The Jaycast – JC show episode 023

6/20/11 – “For Now” featured on Mothpod episode 221

6/18/11 – all 6 songs from Giana Nguyen’s E.P. “For Now” was streamed live at 9am and 9pm on Indie Music Sampler

6/15/11 – Giana Nguyen’s artist profile included on New Music USA blog

6/13/11 – “More” featured in Rubyfruit Radio’s episode 277

6/8/11 – “For Now” Featured on Ed’s Mixed Bag Podcast – episode 252

5/28/11 – Feature article by Suite101: “New Indie Artist Profile: Giana Nguyen”

5/19/11 – “Just For This Moment” featured on Lost Socks Insanity Podcast

5/12/11 – “Just For This Moment”, “More”, and “Until You” featured on SpudShow Podcast 478

5/6/11 – “Twister” is song of the day on Alternative Mix

5/6/11 – “Just For This Moment” featured in Indie Music Sampler Podcast

5/2/11 – “Just For This Moment” featured in Marvel Noise Podcast – Episode 148

4/1/11 – OC Register covers the CHOC Follies musical benefitting CHOC Children’s

2/24/11 – Featured article in Vien Dong Daily News

2/20/11 – TV interview on “Heart to Heart with Kristine Sa” on SBTN

2/20/11 – Featured blog by Thuy Vo Dang, PhD, on diaCRITICS of the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network

2/17/11 – Support from ChannelAPA

2/17/11 – Official album/concert press release

2/10/11 – Support from the Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association

2/9/11 – Coverage in Nguoi Viet Daily Newspaper