7/2/12 – Giana Nguyen featured on VNCR 106.3 FM (bi-lingual interview)

4/10/12 – Giana Nguyen featured on Bearly Rambling

2/3/12 – “More” featured on Broadjam’s Pop Top 10

1/31/12 – Giana Nguyen featured on Common Ground

1/21/12 – “More” featured on Broadjam’s Top 10 Pop-Rock

1/18/12 – “Twister” featured on Radio Crystal Blue

11/6/11 – Album review of Giana Nguyen’s “For Now” E.P. by Vernon Tart for Culture Bomb

10/23/11 – “Twister” featured on Radio Crystal Blue

10/1/11 – Giana Nguyen nominated in “Best Pop Artist” category for 2012 All Indie Music Awards

9/29/11 – “For Now” and “More” to be featured on Women of Substance Radio’s 4th Quarter Pop Shows

9/22/11 – Giana Nguyen’s cover of Tiffany’s “Could’ve Been” will be featured on Women of Substance Radio

9/20/11 – Giana Nguyen is featured as Rock Chicks Spotlight Artist

9/13/11 – “Twister” nominated in Pop category for August 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Award

8/25/11 – “For Now” featured on Green Soluna blog

8/24/11 – “For Now” added to regular rotation on Rising Star Artists radio

8/24/11 – Giana Nguyen interview on Cruise with Bruce Radio

8/21/11 – Giana Nguyen featured on video promo for Cruise with Bruce Radio

8/18/11 – Giana Nguyen featured on Looking Out For You blog

8/17/11 – Giana Nguyen is the first featured artist on a new music blog: Brandy’s “Bohm” Music Reviews’s

8/12/11 – “Just For This Moment” played on Royalty Free Music Radio UK

8/12/11 – “For Now” added to Swift.fm Internet radio’s library

8/8/11 – “For Now”, “Just For This Moment,” “More,” & “Twister” featured on DJ Lucy Radio Show

8/7/11 – “For Now” featured on Mully Radio

8/5/11 – “Firefly” added to Indie Music Sampler’s playlist

8/5/11 – “More” featured on WLSO.FM’s Longtown Sound weekend edition

7/28/11 – “For Now” added to React Radio’s playlist

7/27/11 – “Just For This Moment” featured on WLSO.FM’s Longtown Sound 1140

7/24/11 – “More” featured on The JogTunes Episode #71

7/21/11 – “For Now” added to Radio Paradise’s regular rotation

7/21/11 – “Twister” BRCFP Radio’s playlist

7/20/11 – “For Now” featured on WLSO.FM’s Longtown Sound 1136

7/19/11 – Giana Nguyen featured as “Artist of the Day” on Cyber PR’s tumblr

7/12/11 – Giana Nguyen featured on Such Cool Stuff: Celebrating Indie Artists

6/30/11 – “More” is featured as the #1 song on UNregular Radio’s “National Top 5’s” of the week

6/30/11 – “For Now” and “More” featured on Women of Substance Radio’s “Pop Show” from July 5th thru Sept 30th

6/29/11 – Giana Nguyen featured on ESpiritE Radio7

6/29/11 – “Twister” featured on Women of Substance Radio’s “Spotlight on Great Songs” from July 5th thru September 30th

6/27/11 – Giana Nguyen added as featured artist on XMR radio

6/26/11 – “More” featured on The Jaycast – JC show episode 023

6/20/11 – “For Now” featured on Mothpod episode 221

6/18/11 – all 6 songs from Giana Nguyen’s E.P. “For Now” was streamed live at 9am and 9pm on Indie Music Sampler

6/15/11 – Giana Nguyen’s artist profile included on New Music USA blog

6/13/11 – “More” featured in Rubyfruit Radio’s episode 277

6/8/11 – “For Now” Featured on Ed’s Mixed Bag Podcast – episode 252

5/28/11 – Feature article by Suite101: “New Indie Artist Profile: Giana Nguyen”

5/19/11 – “Just For This Moment” featured on Lost Socks Insanity Podcast

5/12/11 – “Just For This Moment”, “More”, and “Until You” featured on SpudShow Podcast 478

5/6/11 – “Twister” is song of the day on FM102x.com Alternative Mix

5/6/11 – “Just For This Moment” featured in Indie Music Sampler Podcast

5/2/11 – “Just For This Moment” featured in Marvel Noise Podcast – Episode 148

4/1/11 – OC Register covers the CHOC Follies musical benefitting CHOC Children’s

2/24/11 – Featured article in Vien Dong Daily News

2/20/11 – TV interview on “Heart to Heart with Kristine Sa” on SBTN

2/20/11 – Featured blog by Thuy Vo Dang, PhD, on diaCRITICS of the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network

2/17/11 – Support from ChannelAPA

2/17/11 – Official album/concert press release

2/10/11 – Support from the Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association

2/9/11 –┬áCoverage in Nguoi Viet Daily Newspaper